Essay about Why Choosing A Running Shoe

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Stack Height
One factor you may wish to consider when choosing a running shoe is the underfoot feel. Aside from the variation of different running shoe models or brands, this experience is largely determined by the amount of material between you and the ground, herein referred to as stack height.
Our stack height classifications are determined by the forefoot measurement of a shoe. We measure at the forefoot for two reasons. First, regardless of other factors, runners will eventually contact the ground with their forefoot. Second, the forefoot contains many nerve-endings that communicate the feel of a shoe. To assist runners in making their shoe selection, we have developed stack height classifications for our shoes. The six stack height classifications are: Barefoot, Minimal, Low, Medium, High and Maximal.
These classifications are meant to assist in choosing part of your running experience; in particular, stack height and how it relates to underfoot feel. Granted, underfoot feel may vary dependent upon: flexibility of the shoe, weight of the runner, distance of the run, and materials used in the shoe. However, All other factors being equal, it is simplest to think of the relationship between underfoot feel and stack heights this way, in a high stack height shoe you will feel the cushioning material of the shoe, while in a low stack height shoe, you will have more feel for the ground. Finally, due to the foots proximity to the ground, stack heights from the Low category…

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