Why China Has A Huge Problem Essay

918 Words Dec 4th, 2016 4 Pages
I believe China has a huge problem and it stems from their countries enormous population and it is related to the population growth. Ironically, their issue isn’t how fast the population is reproducing. The issue is they are struggling is that don’t have enough people to replace their baby boomers. The reason China is facing this struggle is for 2 reasons the first is that the implemented a one child policy per a family because, the Chinese government was concerned about the rate of population growth growing at uncontrollable rate. Like many Asian cultures, they place a great deal of responsibility on the first son. The first son is supposed to support the parents when they grow old and can no longer work. So many of these families chose only have a son instead of a daughter because of such traditions.
This could become the downfall of their entire economy and have some devastating effects on the rest of the global economy as well, according to Mr. Walker “It is the second largest economy and the second-largest importer of both goods and commercial services.”1 Unfortunately, they have 33 million more males than they do have females, which are likely to lead to a lot of violence to acquire a mate or prove themselves worthy of one. That and China also had its own baby boom generation and like in America, there isn’t enough young people to make up for the accelerated loss of people leaving the workforce in China as well as the government will struggle to pay for all of the…

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