Should Children Be Vaccinated Essay

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Children Should Be Vaccinated
In the late 1700s, Edward Jenner, a doctor in England, inserts fresh cowpox lesion from a woman into a boy. After this experiment, the young man never contracts smallpox. The success of this preventive treatment created the idea of vaccination. This led to the development of vaccines for many other contagious diseases. Prior to the development of the measles vaccine, millions of Americans contracted the disease every year and thousands were hospitalized. (Kluger). Vaccinating children is the best way to protect them against preventable diseases. Vaccinations are also called immunizations. Child vaccinations are so vital that the government requires children to be immunized before they can attend school. **Children should be vaccinated because it is more helpful than harmful to themselves and others.**
**Vaccinations can save a child 's life.** Due to the medical invention of vaccines, the diseases that once killed numerous children are no longer a threat to society. For example, Polio was once a disease everyone feared in America, but now there are no cases of polio because of vaccinations ("Five Important"). When children get vaccinated, it can cause some discomfort or pain; however, these
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Vaccines are very safe because many scientists and doctors carefully study and test the vaccines before they are given to children. Furthermore, vaccines protect children from life threatening diseases that could become very costly and time consuming. In addition, the number of sick children who have died has decreased immensely as a result of vaccinations. Another positive outcome of vaccinations has been the elimination of the disease smallpox and as a result, children are not vaccinated for it anymore ("Should Any"). Therefore, if people continue getting vaccinated now, some diseases of today may no longer be around to harm their children in their future ("Five

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