Why Child Vaccinations Are Necessary Essay

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It Isn’t Just About You: Why Child Vaccinations are Necessary From 1964 to 1965, the rubella virus led to life threatening illnesses in around 20,000 newborns; these babies were plagued with deafness, blindness, heart disease, and/or mental retardation. (Ballarlo and Sprague). Now, because of vaccines, rubella has been eradicated and is no longer a life-threatening problem. Vaccinations have been used worldwide to prevent life-threatening diseases. Dr. Edward Jenner developed the first vaccination to cure smallpox; he did so by “injecting a dead or mild form of a virus or bacteria into the body in order to stimulate production of antibodies” (Lee and Carson-Dewitt). In case of infection later, these antibodies would provide additional protection. In the 18th century, smallpox was spreading rapidly; Jenner was able to create a vaccination to save lives by using cowpox, a milder version of smallpox. Due to this discovery, vaccinations are now used all over the world to immunize children and adults from life-threatening diseases and to help prevent epidemics. However, some parents are against giving their children vaccinations. Although many adults think that the government should not regulate health care, parents should not be able to restrict child vaccinations because vaccines do not cause autism, they are safe, and they save lives. The greatest controversy regarding vaccine safety surrounds the conviction that there might be a link between MMR vaccines and autism;…

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