Why Chicago Police Officers Should Be Legal Essay

1178 Words Feb 22nd, 2016 null Page
Chicago also responded by partnering with the Cook County Sheriff officers, decentralized gang and enforcement units. Children should be able to go outside to play, and their parents should not have to worry about them being the next victim due to gun violence. Chicago should be noted for its beauty and culture rather than be overshadowed by deaths due to gun violence. If Chicago acknowledges that something must be done to reduce the gun violence rate, then they need to realize that it is time they take action and do something about it.

Chicago 's interim superintendent, John Escalante, has warned Chicago police officers that if their dash cams are not working they will be punished. 80 percent of Chicago dash cams do not have working audio, as well as 12 percent of the 840 vehicles do not have working cameras (Alexandra, Genova). I believe Chicago police officers should have to wear body cameras, it would be beneficial to the suspects, but more importantly to the officers as there would be hard evidence on what happened. Nearly 3000 people were killed last year due to gun violence and already over 50 alone in the first month of the year (Meg Wagner). Scheduling more police officers in high crime areas at high crime times, may very well send a message to neighboring communities that gun violence is not going to be tolerated in our community. President Obama took to Twitter after he saw the newest commercial on gun violence, the president said “proud of the NBA for…

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