Essay on Why Cheerleading Is A Sport

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A well known argument is “Whether cheerleading is a sport or not”. There are two types of cheerleading. The first type of cheerleading is “side line cheer” which is cheering at sport events to pump up the crowd and keep the team and fans’ “school spirit” up. This is not considered a sport because it doesn 't take a lot of effort, just a lot of dedication and good memorization skills. It also does not fit the definition of a sport. The second type of cheerleading is ‘competitive,’ with competitive cheer, you have tumbling and non-tumbling. The debate of whether or not cheerleading is a sport dates back to 1869 when cheerleading first began.
By definition competitive cheerleading is a sport and here is why.
The first definition of a sport is, “A sport is an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.” - Google. While participating in competitive cheer there is constant physical exertion going on. Our workouts consist of running the mile, 15-25 push ups every day(if we drop a flier there is 25 more pushups as a team), wall sits for 2-5½ minutes, V-Ups, Ladders (or suicides), planks for 1-3 minutes, all before practice actually starts. (Such as the first part of the definition states.) In competitive cheer there is; running and jumping ( multiple jumps in a row sometimes the same jump and a mix of different jumps). There is constant synchronized throwing flier and then catching them…

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