Why Care About Caring And Being Cared For Essay

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In Nodding’s text, “Why Care About Caring”, the concept of care is depicted in terms of its importance in the educational system. Care is referred to as a human’s basic necessity in life. The ideas of the fundamental core of caring, how it is applied and the relation to ethics are reviewed throughout the text. This is compared and contrasted to some of the problems that may arise. The author chose to separate the chapter into six important aspects of care including the fundamental nature of the term, what it means to care, the problematic areas, aesthetical caring, acting on care as well as the ethical side of care. In writing this article, the main objective was to create an understanding of the difference between caring about and being cared for. Another main objective was to apply this concept into the field of education.

The chapter begins with the fundamental nature of caring. This is seen as something that is essential for humans in terms of being cared for as well as caring for others. When dealing with the act of caring, it is important to not simply jump to a conclusion. There is no one specific way of showing how much you compassion you possess, although prerequisites exist. This text questions the concept of analyzinig care by simply looking at defintions, principles and demonstrations can be seen as too formal. To begin, the information refers to caring being a more feminine characteristic. Care is characterized this way simply because women tend to put…

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