Why Canada Is The Way It Is Today Essay examples

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August,1914 was not only the start of ww1 but was also unknowingly a new beginning for Canada and would end up being big contributor as to why Canada is the way it is today. As soon as Britain declared war Canada did too, we went it in known as a loyal small former colony of Britain but came out a great nation. This new beginning would not come easy and would come at a cost of many people’s efforts as well as sacrifices. War was not something to fear at the time but was seen as a, romantic, exiting, and everyone wanted to be a part of it weather that was the thousands of men eager to join or the woman keeping up the Homefront in fact “when the call went out, there was no shortage of volunteers. Recruiting offices were flooded with men and boys willing to fight for a privates pay of one dollar a day”1. They believed the war would be short and that that they would be back for Christmas however their faith that Britain would easily win and overpower the Germans failed to be true. Unfortunately, this war would continue for four long years and would be filled with death and despair in fact “no one could have predicted just what a cataclysm it would be. After four years of the costliest war in human history, no one could be in any doubt”2. Canada would face trenches, harsh conditions, diseases, pain and would fight many battles all for what may have been known as a pointless war if not for the change that occurred as a result. At the beginning of the war other countries saw…

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