Why Canada Is Not A Strong Democracy Essay

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Clark, Joe. “What’s Right and Wrong with Democracy in Canada.” Election Law Journal 3, No. 3 (2004). http://journals 2.scholarsportal.info.myaccess.library.utoronto.ca/pdf/13510347/v16i0003/485_poppsatsodr.xml.

Joe Clark provides a few reasons for why he thinks Canada is not a strong democracy. In his article, he briefly describes five key flaws in the Canadian political system. For example, Clark points to the fact that Canadian federal politics lacks competition. Second, he makes the claim that two important functions are not being performed. These functions are: “holding the people in power accountable and offering electors an acceptable place to turn” (Clark 2004: 400). Third, he argues that certain political actors do not have much influence towards public policy. Further, he critiques the nomination process and finally, he speaks about the negative impact of lobbyists. My topic book, Tragedy in the Commons, focuses on politicians’ views about things they dislike about being a politician and about the Canadian system itself. In my topic book, the authors focus on the views of different political actors. However, in the article, there are no views from political actors provided. For someone interested in politics, the main argument in the article seems clearer, but the book is more believable because it comes from different individuals instead of one.
Eagles, Munroe. “The Political Ecology of Representation in English Canada: M.P’s and Their Constituencies.” American…

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