Why California College Should Make It A Better Life For Them And Their Children

1021 Words Nov 25th, 2015 null Page
In today 's fast-paced industry, having a college degree is crucial. Nowadays community college is pretty much open to anyone who wishes to continue their education. This includes single mothers who decide to go back to school. For many single mothers that actually do get the courage to go to college are left with a very harsh decision on deciding where they will be leaving their young ones while they go and pursue a better life for them and their children. According to the Children 's Book, Marilyn & Erickson, Stephen; CPI Publishing, 1992, "Some toddlers struggle to figure out that someone out of sight can and will return, so it is hard for them to cope with long times away from his or her parents." This is why I believe Citrus College should make it a priority to re-open its daycare doors once more because it can certainly increase enrollment and be beneficial to the students academics.
For example, the students that majored in child development were once privileged with the right of an internship. This allowed them to earn a certain amount of internship hours that was beneficial towards their majors and the school of choice that they wanted to transfer towards. I understand that many individuals would argue that if the student is well driven to pursue their educational goals nothing will get in his or her way towards achieving their goals. Although this might be partially true, why should Citrus College isolate the child development majors when we allow the cosmetology…

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