Why Business Is A Successful Enterprise With Big Profits Essay

800 Words Dec 12th, 2016 4 Pages
Businesses today are built on philosophies and organizational cultures for different reasons. Because culture is very important to an organization, business sometimes mirror the owner of the company culture, philosophies and values. As a result, they implement what the owner want and stand for as the company core values. For example, Barnes and Nobles Bookstores is a large business built for people who love books. They build their foundation on learning and the benefits reading has on learning. The philosophy that reading leads to success has helped Barnes and Nobles become a successful enterprise with big profits. Owning a successful business is not only a great accomplishment but it also offers great financial gains if the business is true to it 's philosophies and culture. In this case study, Never on a Sunday, the McCoy’s a family owned and operated retail store has been one of the nations largest building supply companies that serves about 10 million customer a year in the regional area. McCoy has occupied a niche in the market making them successful in small and medium size cities. McCoy’s principle as a business is to acquire and sell the finest quality products and provide great customer service to their customers. As an operations-oriented company, McCoy’s has always focused it 's management to be managed without layers. Managers at McCoy’s are often asked to concentrate on service related issues in their stores. Customer service is the key to success so…

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