Essay on Why Bullying Should Not Be Harshly

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Why Bullying Should Not Be Harshly Penalized Childhood and teenage bullying is a growing problem in the US with the help of social media. Bullying is an aggressive act of verbal criticism or physical violence towards a person or a group of people. Bullies have been in the school environment since anyone can remember. Children and teenagers used to handle bullying themselves, by talking to their families and getting advice on what to do. Either they gave the kid enough of his own medicine to make him stop or they talked to the bully’s parents and his parents would knock it right out of him. Back in the day, you would never hear of a family trying to sue the school district or anyone for a child being bullied. The reason is because the definition and perspective of discipline has completely changed since then. Bullying has gotten out of control because children no longer have any respect for others due to the lack of discipline and morals being taught at home. Society used to take responsibility for its own actions and there was always a solution to its own problems. Today’s society likes to victimize itself and put blame on anyone and anything, making it easy to sue and get money. People want bullying to be punishable as if it was a crime threatening the public good, but bullies should not be harshly penalized because it is not a crime and it can be stopped or prevented. Bullying has gone to a whole different level now with social media. It’s called cyber-bullying.…

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