Why Bullying Is Still An Issue Essay example

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To better understand why bullying is still an issue, there are numerous components that are linked to bullying that need to be identified and explained. Two cultural beliefs and biases that may influence bullies are ethnicity and religion. Often times, society confuses ethnicity and race. One can have only belong to one race but can belong to multiple ethnic groups. Ethnic bullying occurs with “children who in some way do not fit in and deviate from the group norm” (Vervoort, M.H.M., Scholte, R.H.J. & Overbeek, G.) Religion tends to be a bullying issue if it is noticeable. For example, a Jewish male who wears a yamaka (a small hat showing Jewish faith) or a Muslim female who wears a hijab (a veil worn over the head and shoulders) may be harassed for being different by outwardly showing their faith. Those individuals who are in the minority are bigger targets for the bullies. “Those bullied because of their religious beliefs often began to question their faith, stopped talking about it, or even felt ashamed of it” (Lipsett, A). The two main social roles involved in bullying are the actual bully as well as the victim and their family. “Despite common portrayals of someone who bullies as big, tough boys or mean, popular girls, anyone can bully – because bullying is about behavior, not labels” (National Bullying Prevention Center). Often times the child who was bullied on the bus on the way to school, will then in turn, intimidate someone else on the way home or…

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