Why British Lack Managerial Professionalism Essay example

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Britain has one of the strongest economies and business growth in the world. Even though during the last five years the island has escaped the recent recession it went through it still lacks some essential skills in managerial development. There are many reasons why British lack managerial professionalism including wrong stereotypes, minimum training, generalization and pure academic education. All the above, drive UK to fall under a poor managerial culture unable to perform to the demands of the market growth.
British managers tend more towards generalisation than specialisation. The proposition that the manager needs to be the most technically competent person receives little support in the UK. Therefore, pure academic education is afforded much less respect than in other countries (notably Germany and France) and the emphasis is on relevant experience and a 'hands-on ', pragmatic approach. Titles such as doctor or professor are rarely used outside academic circles and can even be seen a sign of affectation.

The British find it difficult to be direct and British managers often give instructions to subordinates in a very indirect way, preferring to request assistance than to be explicit. This use of language can be very confusing for the non-British that and develops a lack of communication between British and foreigners.
The British observe differences in social status. A person 's educational background as well as his/her family name continues to play a role in the…

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