Why Brett Is Not Hunting Essay

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Growing up with two brothers was extremely trying, but the differences between the two annoyances is unbelievable. Although Brett and Bailey were raised in the same household in Pisgah, Alabama, and disciplined by the same parents, the outcome of their characters were drastic. From their passions and hobbies, to their high school status, and their presence in general, Brett and Bailey proclaim their originality. People often debate if they are even in the same bloodline.

Brett has established a distinct character through his interests and hobbies. Due to his football background as an all-around athlete, Alabama College Football is always a topic that gets Brett excited and energized. Brett is always plotting and planning how to kill the largest 12-pointer who lurks on Mr. Osborn’s private land. When Brett is not hunting or talking about recent sporting events, he is tending to his 2-year old dachshund, Heinrich. Heinrich is at the top of Brett’s priorities, and maybe even his most treasured friend. Brett’s passion for sports, the outdoors, and his puppy are just a few examples of his fascinations.

Bailey’s obsessions and interests are totally reversed from Brett’s. Bailey spends more than half of his free time fantasizing over the Teen Pop sensation, Arianna Grande. He is repeatedly performing Arianna Grande’s new albums Yours Truly and My everything. Practicing the dance to Black Widow by Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora on Just Dance 2015 illustrates how unique and original…

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