Why Boys Are Behind Girls Academically Worse Than Girls And A Large Portion Of It?

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Sit still. Pay attention. Stop looking out the window. All things that boys hear at best a few times during their school year. Many boys come into the classrooms on the first day to a teacher who are preconditioned to think that they will be trouble and so they are treated accordingly like they are causing trouble even if they are not. There is a reason as to why boys are doing academically worse than girls and a large portion of it is the societal expectations that they will do worse even before they come into the first day of classes. Coupling this with the fact that now, as Michael Kimmel in Guyland, reading and being educated is seen as a feminine thing, and being seen doing “girlie” things is something boys avoid doing. But who made these things seem feminine and tell our boys that doing something nonmasculine is wrong? Us, our society taught them this.
As in a lot of other problems the core of why boys are behind girls academically stems from societal gender boxes that are put upon everybody when they are born. Boys are expected to do sports, like cars, get into fights, be into video games; while girls are expected to stay indoors, read, draw, express themselves more in the creative field rather than a physical one. Of course, everything has an exception and there are shy and studious boys, and outgoing and sports oriented girls, but in large, that is outside the normal despite how far we 've expanded the gender boxes from where they first started. Reading is an…

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