Why Binge Eating Disorders Affect More Essay

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Why binge eating disorders affect more to teenagers? Every three teenagers who seek treatment for their weight are compulsive eaters. In 1959, Albert Stunkard (a professor of the University of Pennsylvania) was the first person to describe binge eating as a medical disorder in obese people. In a study done with a group of patients with obesity, Stunkard made the observation that each of the patients had a pattern of nocturnal ingestion in which he called it “Night Eating Syndrome.” However, in 1970 Korhaber gave the term “Syndrome Filler” as the obese entity characterized by three symptoms: hyperphagia which means eating an excessive amount of food, emotional distress and depression. Furthermore, in 1994 the term binge eating disorder appearance for the first time.
Binge eating disorder is commonly defined as a severe eating disorder in which large amounts of food are often consumed. In some ways, this disease affects mostly adolescents because they go through a lot in their daily life. They mature at an early age and start having whether biological, cognitive or social changes in their development. Some of the changes that can adolescents start noticing are the physical change. However, this is a stage in which parents need to be more aware of them because they go through a series of emotional problems that needs to be stopped as soon as possible like the eating disorders.
Causes. Most people in the United States are overweight. The consumption of processed foods is so…

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