Why Be Moral ? Essay

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Being moral is a choice free from both internal and external factors. Unless we have some convincing reasons for being moral, there is no point in enquiring what is morally good and what is not. This question concerns reasons than causes. Also one must realize that being moral involves self denial. For example a moral person must not take BRIBE, but another person who is not moral and takes bribes may turn out to be in a financially better position. So, moral obligations lead to sacrificing of ones personal interests. So we need to justify the necessity to be moral. There are many reasons which justify being moral. A few of them are


This is the most common reason which drives
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This must be done on moral grounds even if there is some financial burden on the management because of dumping some where else. Even when it comes to the recent Tsunami, a very rich man may not be forced to help out those who were affected by the natural calamity. But it is his responsibility to provide some help to the needy. One of my uncles who owns a factory saw unemployed youth one the road, begging for food. Later he came to know that the youth were all well educated and they were economically very backward. Though there were no job vacancies actually left in his factory, he wanted to help8 them. So, he appointed them in his factory giving them livelihood. He was very happy that he has revived the lives of not only those youngsters but also their families at home.


Being moral is being rational. Rationality implies morality. Morality demands reasonable wise and logical thinking. The entire concept of being moral requires one to be rational in their respective thought processes. This is an important reason for being moral.

5GOODNAME IN SOCIETY:: When one is moral, he gets a good name in the society. For example a moral politician gets a lot of public support than one who is not moral. People develop a positive opinion about him if he is moral. This is also a selfish reason for being moral.


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