Why Athletes Should Not Be Banned Essay example

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Differentiating between a sport and a hobby is a huge topic that divulges itself from our world today. When you think of bowling, most people don’t think of it as a sport, even though they don’t realize just how many things you need to know. Many athletes consider bowling as an activity that requires you to keep a ball on the wooden lanes, that’s it. Other athletes might not realize how much hard work, effort, and consistency comes into such a little game. A bowler will eventually encounter a different mental state of mind, a physical game that requires hand- eye coordination, and repetition that is too complex to notice just by watching someone roll the ball.
Instance #1: Mental Capabilities
No one realizes how many mental games your brain plays while bowling. Bowling not only tests your physical ability but it also tests your mental one. One of the first things that a bowler will tell you about their game is that they have concentration. The lack of concentration in a sport that uses both leg and arm muscles will change how fluent you approach, arm swing, and release is. The cerebellum, part of your brain, helps with these smooth arm movements which sends commands from your brain to your arm. “To make various segments of your hand and arm deploy smoothly, you need an internal “clock” that can precisely regulate the sequence and duration of the elementary movements of each of these segments. That clock is the cerebellum.” Your brain sends signals from more than…

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