Why Art Should Not Be Viewed As A Filler Essay

1943 Words Dec 9th, 2014 8 Pages
Art programs are constantly in danger of being cut from shrinking school budgets. Art is commonly viewed as a “filler” course that’s only purpose is to entertain children, almost as a second recess. That of course is not the case. Art has enough scientific evidence to demonstrate that it is a necessary part of every child 's life. In this paper, we will explore a few of the top benefits that art gives a child, including language, cultural awareness, inventiveness, work experience, motor skills, visual learning, confidence/perseverance, and academic achievement. We will also explore what benefits schools could achieve through the use of these programs, such as a decline in dropout rates, improved achievement and increased school safety. Art should not be viewed as a filler, for it is so crucial to the development of children that even hospitals include them in their programs.
Now this is where I tie into this story. I’m a volunteer at the North Shore Medical Center (Childrens General). Every week a few volunteers each contribute 10 - 15 hours in the both the emergency room and patients rooms, where we bring in this big red craftsman tool box filled with all different types of arts and crafts tools. With the children we often play games, make crafts, read stories of just color. We used these materials to entertain the children in the and distract them from whatever reason they are there. Often I have found that the program distracts both the children and the adults in the…

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