Why Aren 't Women Aspiring Towards Leading Position Of The Theater And Music Industry?

1023 Words May 4th, 2016 null Page
Why aren’t women aspiring towards leading position in the theater and music industry? As a woman you look at the long parade of male presidents, CEOs, and producers and as a child you don’t fantasize about getting those jobs. When will young women be told to achieve higher aspirations? Most women in both industries go for the performance aspect instead of the leading position such as technical direct, producer, or music producer. In the theater industry there is less than thirty percent of women producers, in the film industry less than ten percent and in the music industry less than five percent. What is keeping women from getting these job? For some od reason the percentage for women taking leading positions in the performing arts are low? The reason for this is the way society view women in these career and the way women view themselves in society. For instance, Rita McGrath states, “Progress likely to be slow: But don 't expect more women to break through the ranks unless there is a strong pipeline of female talent behind the CEO.” The only way for women to move up is if there is already a women leading. This is an unfortunate truth and in the performance world. It is even worse because women fight against each other to get leads because majority of plays call for more men actors than women. The progression of women in the work force is moving slowly. What is stopping women from moving up, is it the way women are raised to view them self in society, the…

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