Why Are You So Kind For Me? Essay

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Her throat felt constricted and she wheezed, fighting for breath. She bucked forward, falling to the ground. He gripped her arm. Collapsing into a heap, as her mind jumbled into fragments. Parcival kneeled, his face above talking to her the winds ripped the words from his mouth. She struggled to hear him, but another dizzy spell hit. She tried in vain to speak, but instead a wheezing gasp came out. Flashes of his worried face above hers.

Being carried?

She was soaked to the bone, as if ice filled them; her whole body became a great winter, her limbs akin to wooden planks, from the winds as they ripped into her. Parcival held her close, shielding her from the wind. The temperature dropped and her breaths came in short frosted puffs.

Why are you so kind to me?

The wind pushed, and he gripped her tighter as he carried her. Through her fogged thoughts the far-off lights of a town seemed as if they flaunted their warmth, taunting her as they flickered.

"Don 't you die, you hear me? Stay with me!"

The cold winds squeezed tears from her eyes, blurring her vision.

The cold clouds her mind biting into her skin with a fire to it.

An ethereal sensation overcoming her as a blackness crept over her vision again, and her world darkened.


Several hours later during the night he staggered into town, Parcival sighed. Merryn started to slip from his arms, so he gripped her tighter. Town, a village I care not, a warm bed and her out of this cold, that is all.

Please dear gods,…

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