Why Are White Death Rates Rising? Essay examples

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Within the articles Why Are White Death Rates Rising? and The Downwardly Mobile for Trump, Professor Andrew J. Cherlin examines vital information regarding reference groups and the its major influence on people. In his article Why Are White Death Rates Rising? Professor Cherlin credits Anne Case and Angus Deaton for the report that December that rates have been climbing since 1999 for non-Hispanic whites age 45 to 54 (Case, Anne, and Angus Deaton 2016). He then proceeds by clarifying the conception which “some observers” believe to be the cause, which, is the higher rates of chronic opioid prescriptions and the whites’ greater pessimism about their finances (Cherlin, Why are Death Rates rising). However, following this clarification Cherlin introduces his counterclaim; which is that reference group theory is essentially responsible for the increases. Cherlin follows up the introduction of reference group theory with the definition, which is “to comprehend how people think and behave, it’s important to understand the standards to which they compare themselves” (Cherlin, Why are Death Rates rising). To further explicate the theory, Cherlin introduces the idea that everyone’s main and first reference group is their parents due to how closely children and adolescents monitor our parents. Through a multitude of statistics and survey results, Cherlin ultimately concludes that since non college educated, white non Hispanics, compare their themselves to their reference groups (their…

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