Why Are We So Behind: Why Are We So Behind?

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Why are we so Behind The United States is known as the country of opportunity. Many people leave their home country and thinking of a better future. We have all heard of the Cinderella stories where someone is from the countryside with the hard work and motivation they somehow become a very successful person, and people from all over the world come so they can have the Cinderella story for themselves. Because in many countries they do not have the opportunities as we do here in the United States. In some countries, you could succeed but it is harder or we may be living in a country where whatever social status you were born in that is where you are going to stay. Now thinking that where the land of opportunity and people come to this country …show more content…
That education was not the same in these five different schools. In "social class and the hidden curriculum of work" Anyon explains how the schools are different from one another. In the working-class neighborhood the children were being trained how to follow instructions just like how they would in A factory "work is followed the steps of a procedure. The procedure is usually mechanical involving your rude behavior and very little discussion making or choice." (Anyon) A workplace where one has to follow procedures and has very little decision-making is one in the factory. In the factory one must follow the procedures over and over and over again. Unconsciously your child is inhabiting traits and then will set them for a labor job and they won 't say anything because that is what they are used to. In the middle Paschal your child has a little bit more work to do they are "getting The right answer… And then asked to express and apply ideas and concepts."(Anyon) now what kind of job kid the schools be preparing the children for Could be the secretary or even a receptionist. Many of us are not lucky we cant afford to live in a better community and we tend to live in the neighborhood where we could afford rent. But just because we are living in a not so well economical community that does not give them the right to not allow our children to get an education t hat they disserve. Our children Are getting and education that are training them for a job will not get nowhere in life. If the United States was really, the land of opportunity our children should not be getting an education like that. Yes as you go up the social ladder education does get better but how you go up the social ladder when you are being trained to have a job where you have very little dission making in

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