Essay about Why Are We So Angry By Dianne Hales

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My Thoughts on “Why Are e so angry” By Dianne Hales.
“Why are we so angry” is a name of an article by Dianne Hales. She is a former contributing editor for Parade magazine and she is a published writer. This article is from a Parade magazine article she penned in 2001. In the article Dianne Hales writes about a trend of Americans growing angrier and more rage full, more than past years. This then causes some people to become pushed to the point from this anger and rage. Dianne Hales then gives several recommendations which could help you cool down from this anger and rage. The ideas that Dianne Hales writes about in this article I feel it is genuine and should compel seriously and pursued to the fullest. In this essay I will explain two points in the article “Why are we so angry” by Dianne Hales. The first point I chose for the article is the four types of rage people have. The four types of rage, is Road rage or ‘’Mad driver disease”, Sky rage, Sideline rage, Line rage. In this essay I will explain only road rage. Dianne Hales wrote in the article that American Automobile Association’s Foundation for Traffic Safety says that road rage or what they call “Mad diver disease” is getting more and more examples. An example of this, in the 1990’s the percentage of road rage increased 7 percent each year in that decade. Dianne Hales did not explain road rage well enough for me, so here is a definition of it. This rage is a hostile or crazy action by a driver
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