Why Are We Charged For Education? Essay

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Why are We Charged for Education? Higher education should be free or at least lowered so it can be more affordable then what it is now. There are a lot of bright intelligent people out there who deserve to go to college but can’t because college is too expensive that they cannot afford it. A survey shows that 75% of the public says that college is to expensive and that most people cannot afford to pay for a college education (Is), so they rely on student loans that leaves them with a lot of dept. “About (71%) of students who graduated last year had student loan debt, with an average of $29,400 per borrower” (State). Sara Goldrick-Rab an associate professor of educational policy says “That the existing financial aid was created to help the lowest-income students, at a time when middle-class and wealthier families had little trouble paying for college on their own. Currently tuition has become unaffordable even for middle-class families, making the existing system all but obsolete” (Arcus). So maybe we should rethink about how we are handling our college education and adjust the system. The cost of college does not only affecting the students. “Higher education is an economic burden for both students and society” (Eskow). Right now the student loans being held by the federal government exceeds $1 trillion in debt. That is greater than our credit card debt (Heuvel). The government is a spending more by trying to giving loans then it would making public college free.…

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