Why Are There So Many Of Us? Essay

2102 Words Oct 29th, 2014 9 Pages
Constantino Ayala
Ms. Lindell
College Writing
26 January 2014
Why are There So Many of Us? Overpopulation is still an issue in the world. More people are being born than there are people who are dying,and that is an issue. There has to be a constant balance between the two, so there is a good balance between supply and demand on earth in terms of resources used. With greater availability of food for years now, it has really had a toll on the amount of humans now living and still increasing in number. With more resources being used up, this allows for further destruction of wildlife and wilderness areas to be destroyed which has an impact on the ecosystems surrounding the area. With longer life expectancy and continued birth rate increasing, it allows for an overpopulated world that cannot continue to expand to favor the increasing amount of people situated on the planet. There has to be measures taken in order to help with the issue at hand. Overpopulation should be controlled in order to prevent a greater demand of resources than there is supply to be distributed. The population of India has joined the likes of china in the amount of inhabitants in their respective countries. Author macmillan writes about the struggles with overpopulation in china.The amount of inhabitants exceeding one billion people (Macmillan). The growth in population in india and china represents great danger with the high amounts of unchecked population in both countries. Estimates provided by…

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