Women Are Facing By Evans Analysis

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Shaakirah Keith
Prof. Brandy Daniels
Knowledge Power
Social Issues Women Are Facing
The way our society is set up, it is hard for women to be who they wish to be without society criticizing them for multiple reasoning. A great number of our population and other countries still believe in the idea that women should not be educated, hold certain job positions, and are incapable of completing certain tasks. Women for the past few centuries have been proving to society that they are as equal as men by becoming doctors, police officers, and senators. However, in society, men in particular continue to look down on women, which has continuously influenced generation after generation for years. Inequality and gender stereotypes are often seen within
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She mentions how her gender does not necessarily have any negative connotations associated to her position, but there are a very few. She explains how being woman does impact her as an boss where she states how “sometimes women view [her] in a negative way because [she is] a strong leader that needs to make tough decisions, where men sometimes men view [her] to be too sensitive or weak because [she] sometimes give employees the benefit of the doubt or second chances to prove their ability” (Evans). This clearly shows how Evans is looked down upon not only by men, but by women as well. Women clearly view her as strong, where men view her as weak because she believes in second chances and is willing to help her employees. This leads to Rosabeth Moss Kanter’s main argument in “The Real Reasons Men and Women Prefer Male Bosses” is because “power means the ability for women to make decisions about resources and control the destinies of others. And to do this without being undermined or second-guessed” (Kanter 2). Both men and women underestimate women’s capabilities and the decisions they make clearly because they are a woman, whereas for men bosses, their decisions are not often second guessed or questioned. Society do not like the idea of women having power, since they able to control

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