Why Are Some Pressure Groups More Successful Than Others? Essay

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Why Are Some Pressure Groups More Successful Than Others?

In this essay I shall analyse the comparative rate of success of Pressure Groups in general and why this success may differ.
A pressure group is an organization which seeks to influence policies of public bodies or employers. They do so either to protect the interests of their members (e.g. Trade Unions, NUT) or promote a cause (e.g. Greenpeace or RSPCA). Some pressure groups are more successful than others; there are many reasons for this.
One of the most important factors in determining the success of a pressure group is the question, what constitutes success? Different pressure groups have varying degrees of success and different methods of obtaining success and of course,
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For example, if the Labour Government had refused to pass the amendment to the firearms act in 1997, campaigned for by Snowdrop, for the 4 years of their first term then it is possible that considerable pressure would have built up and may have eventually led to their removal from office.
For pressure groups which aim to provide information to the general public, their relationship with the media is a crucial part in their success, because without the support of the media they would face a much harder task in trying to gain the support of the people, simply due to the lack of coverage and attention that they would receive. The support of a celebrity, such as Bob Geldof with the Live Aid campaign, can also increase the chances of a pressure group’s success. Which brings me onto another point, the leadership of a pressure group is also very important, and celebrity leadership can enhance the public image of the pressure group and gain valuable support and influence with the government.
Another important factor in the success of a pressure group is their financial situation, as without suitable funds pressure groups are simply unable to run a successful campaign. For example the Make Poverty History campaign would not have been so successful had it not had the huge financial backing.
In conclusion, the success of pressure groups depends upon the criteria with which you choose to judge success, although there are certain factors which greatly increase the chances of

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