Why Are Prisons Overcrowded Essay examples

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Abdulhakim Muhammad Law and Social Change Soc-235 Dr. Hocne Fetni 11-12-11

Why are prisons overcrowded??? 1) Introduction to thesis, statement of purpose
Most prisons do not make education a priority, so prisoners who are released without education are more likely to return to prison increasing recidivism and overcrowding. Most prisons do not make education a priority because teaching basic skills in prison is fraught with tensions, most particularly through exposure of concealed perceived inadequacies to teachers, peers and class groups. In the outside community basic skills teaching is often undertaken by volunteers who give personal one to one tuition. Later, once confidence has increased, the student is invited to
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Each prison is full to the capacity and in some institutions inmates are housed three to a cell. The need for education has not become clear, while the need for decreasing overcrowding has. The problem with overcrowding needs special attention that will help other institutions see what works and what does not work. This special attention will bring about social change.
Given the dramatic impact of college in prison on recidivism rates, we requested that Professor Michael Jacobsen, a nationally recognized corrections scholar, former New York City Commissioner for Corrections and current Professor of Criminal Justice at John Jay College, conduct a cost-benefit analysis of the program, calculating the cost of educating and not educating a hypothetical 100 inmates in New York State over a 3 year period. ( Jacobson, 1999). Incarcerating 100 men or women, costs the State a conservative average of $25,000 per year per inmate, totaling $2.5 million dollars per year (Fine et al., 2001). The Director of the BHCF College Program estimated (in 2000) that the College Program cost $1,905 a year per student, equaling $2,690,000 for incarcerating and educating 100 inmates. The same number of inmates without college costs $2,500,000 annually. (Jacobson, 1999) So, based on these findings we see that the focus is not on education. The focus is on money and the monetary gain that will be achieved through this process. Jacobson estimated that the extra expenses incurred for

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