Why Are People Proving The World Right By Displaying How History Repeats Itself?

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Why are people proving the world right by displaying how history repeats itself? It is 2016 and African Americans are still getting treated like they do not belong and have plenty to show for that. The world continues to demonstrate how African Americans, whether a teenager or an adult, are still getting killed. It seems to be hard to admit or say it out loud, but the white murderers are still getting away with it. White people have always put shame to Negros and it still continues, 500 years later. The reason being is because some people felt superior, more deserving of any good than others who were a different color then them. It seems like no matter how hard they try, African Americans don’t receive freedom and justice.
People recognize this so called, shame as ‘racism’. The people did not acknowledge racism until the late 1800’s. It seems to be a coincidence how white people were more irked by African Americans once they were freed. The Africans were now amongst the whites and lived in the same communities then. When, if one were to imagine how the whites were unbothered by the Africans as they were slaves because it had nothing to do with, unless they bought them. Which has also included the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, all slaves in states in rebellion against the Union are forever free. The world is fully informed about how white people had always had some type of burden on their shoulder about African Americans way before slavery. Although, once the slaves…

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