Why Are People Homeless? Essay

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Why are people homeless in ‘The Lucky Country’? Discuss the factors that can contribute to youth homelessness in Australia.
A shameful question we ask of ourselves is ‘Why are people homeless in our ‘lucky’ country’? People assume homeless people are only homeless because they are substance abusers, for many that is not the case. In fact there are a staggering number of other factors that can cause people to leave their homes. Points such as the factors, the age of those that are on the streets and the safety will be brought up to better demonstrate why people are homeless. And perhaps after knowing these factors – there could be some solutions as well.
Firstly, there are a number of factors that tie or are a source for homelessness. Society assumes from what the media portray the homeless as – is what they actually are; drug- addled, aggressive beggars. Whereas about 70% of people in Australia are homeless for reasons that aren’t drug-related. (Homelessness Australia, 2016) An example of this is Hayley – who was a part of the documentary Oasis, at the tender age of 12 she was kicked out of home; due to her mother’s substance abuse and her mother’s partner physically abusing her. (The Oasis - A Shark Islands Production, 2008) Another was Darren – who also appeared in the documentary; who was abandoned by his mother at 8 years old, then was placed into foster care. He was beaten brutally at the age of 10 in foster care, at 10 he decided that it was better to live on the…

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