Essay Why Are Intersex Bathrooms Important?

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Why are intersex bathrooms important? Would cisgender men and women be at higher risk for sexual harassment? Are gender-separated bathroom sexist? To answer the first, gender-neutral bathrooms are essential to the safety and privacy of individuals. Secondly, maybe. The likelihood that cisgender people would experience for sexual assault or harassment is slim, as most crimes are committed against trans* and nonconforming people, as opposed to by them. Thirdly, yes. Gender-separation has been around for hundreds of years, and the segregation of public bathrooms based on (only two) sexes is based on the once believed inferiority of women, and their vulnerability. My argument is that gender-neutral bathroom are important not only for the safety and privacy of trans* and those who are gender nonconforming, but important to end one of the last (physical) symbols of gender segregation.
The separation of gender in public places is isn’t new, as a matter a fact it’s over two hundred years old, and has always been justified as a solution to separating ‘superiors’ white men from ‘inferiors.’ In the Jim Crow era, African Americans had separate water fountains, lunch counters, and bathrooms than whites in Southern states (Steinmetz). In 1887, gender-separate laws began Massachusetts, and spread throughout the U.S. soon after. The law was passed in response to the industrial growth, and women’s start into the factory workplace. The law was not the first of its kind; at this…

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