Why Are Individual Rights Important

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Imagine living in a country where you didn’t have rights. In many different areas of the world individual rights are not respected. Luckily,in the United States of America we have the bill of rights to make sure our rights are recognized and protected. To me, the most important rights are the First, Second, and Fifth Amendments.

The First Amendment explains the right to freedom of speech, religion, press, petition and assembly. These rights allow us to speak up against the government or come together and protest against things we find unfair or unconstitutional. As for religion which is also protected under the first amendment right people are not persecuted for who they choose to worship. Although these civil liberties are not as appreciated as they should be without them the United State of America would not be the free country that it is today.
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In Florida the right to bear arms has seen a lot of controversy after the Trayvon Martin case in which George Zimmerman was found not guilty under the stand your ground law. This is one of the most important amendments simply because times have changed people have become more violent and civilians under the right pretenses should have the right to own a weapon to defend themselves. Not to say that everyone should have the right to posses a firearm but the right should not be revoked because of a small percentage of citizens who couldn’t handle

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