Why Are Guns On College Campuses? Essays

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Since the time we are born until the moment we die, humans are taught to follow a specific routine in our lives without questioning the why or the consequences our actions bring. In other words, during that course, humans tend to become so familiar with our routines that when an unexplained incident occurs, we panic because it is something we’ve never been exposed to, an example of this are the killings of innocent people whom we care for in environments where security and education are supposed to be the priority. In our eyes campuses are protected by those who wear uniforms and are trained professionals that are ready to deal with such situations, so why allow a law that will grant any civilian the right to carry guns on campus, letting them choose when to use lethal force and afflict innocent students who are scared for their lives? There is existing conclusive evidence that supports and explains why guns on college campuses are a faulty concept. Even with evidence, however, there are those who believe otherwise, such as the national organization Students for Concealed Carry (SCC) who state their arguments in an essay titled “Why Our Campuses Are Not Safer without Concealed Handguns”. The people who make up this organization firmly believe “concealed handguns would not detract from a healthy environment” they support this idea by stating that “in the absence of metal detectors and X-ray machines…students have no way of knowing who, if anyone, is carrying a gun”(643).…

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