Why Are Gmos Are A Necessity For Society?

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GMOs are a Necessity for Society
Every four seconds someone dies of starvation or malnutrition; more than half of those deaths are children. The population is still growing and some way of combating the issue of malnutrition and world hunger is desperately needed before they become even more serious. That is where genetically modified organisms (GMOs) come in. GMOs are fruits or vegetables that have been modified on a genetic level in order to turn on traits that make them more beneficial. Being able to affect how a plant grows is a huge advantage in regards to feeding a quickly growing population. GMOs are necessary to protect the environment, produce better crop yields, and stimulate the economy with their advantageous traits. Firstly, the
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GMOs just so happen to have the ability to grow larger. Xia hui et al. state in “yield benefit and underlying cost of insect-resistance transgenic rice: Implication in breeding and deploying transgenic crops”, that under normal insect pressures GM crops tend to grow bigger than non-GM crops. They found when measuring rice that the GM crops could produce up to 68% more per plant (2010). 68% is an incredible amount of extra growth; that’s 68% of the plant that would have been lost before it was even harvested. The fact that GM seeds increase the size of a crop so dramatically is surprising. This is a big step forward in terms of increasing the yield of a …show more content…
The price of GMO seeds is higher than traditional crops, but there is a reduction in price due to decreased need for pesticides. The increased cost of buying GMO seeds is offset by “pesticide costs dropp[ing] by 50%” (Smyth, Kerr, & Phillips, 2015). The biggest economic benefit comes from the “yields increas[ing] by an average of 58%” (Smyth, Kerr, & Phillips, 2015). The more product a farmer can sell, the more he is going to earn. Smyth, Kerr, and Phillips also describe that the majority of those that realize a profit are poor farmers who are able to turn a profit on their increased yield. They even refer to a reduction in suicide rates from farmers coinciding with the introduction of GM crops (2015). Farmers stand to gain a lot of capital for their investment in GMO seeds. In addition, grocery stores also stand to gain financially. With GM crops grocers receive a product with an extended timeframe to sell. Researchers “identified and targeted two ripening-specific… enzymes … [, and found that] their suppression enhances fruit shelf life” (Meli, et al., 2010). GM foods last longer than traditional crops, therefore have a much higher chance of being sold. Grocers continue to sell fresh food longer which results in more profits. Grocers now have an easier time dealing with spoiling produce because now they take much longer to spoil on the

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