Why Are Feminine Hygiene Taxed When They Are A Necessity? Essay

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1. Why are feminine hygiene taxed when they are a necessity?
For the most part of U.S. history, it is safe to say that women have been the most oppressed gender in human history. Race plays an important factor in the oppression of women because, in the U.S., it is evident through many circumstances that most minorities, which are African American and Hispanics tend to be oppressed more than white or Caucasian women. This essay, however, focuses on the oppression of women in general in the U.S. through systematic economic schemes. Although many things have transformed in the past couple of decades, I have observed one thing that I consider to be repressive and dominating. To be more specific, in the U.S., feminine hygiene products are taxed by the government because these products are considered as a “Luxury goods”. Speaking for most women, this is an absurd way of thinking. Being forced to pay tax for something that is a necessity in a woman’s life because of her biological processes is completely illogical. In economics terms, the concept of “price discrimination” can be applied to this situation. Usually, price discrimination, which is basically charging different prices to different individuals is used for a positive purpose, for example, charging the elderly or students less than they usually do to other individuals. In my opinion taxing, women for feminine hygiene products is a way of gender discrimination and systematic way of taking advantage of women’s nature.…

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