Why Are Companies Recently Become So Concerned With Cost Management?

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1. Why have companies recently become so concerned with cost management?

Many companies are seeing a loss profit in recent years and in order to survive in the growing market, they must make efforts in reducing their costs while still keeping their customers base. By reducing their operational costs and highlighting unnecessary or redundant spending, the company will be able to illuminate nonessential costs and save millions of dollars

2. Why might it be difficult for very large companies to keep accurate account of spending on such items as computer hardware and software licenses?

It might be such a small account that it simply went unnoticed and no one questioned the expense. Within any company, the usage of any IT resource is not consistent, there can be many hidden or indirect costs and it only fluctuates according to need.
Hit and Miss
1. One analyst called century bonds debt “that won’t mature until well after everyone involved in the sale is dead.” Why are they popular?

It’s partly their higher-than-average return of 4.85 percent, substantially higher than 30-year Treasury bonds. Adding to the appeal is the stability of the university compared to other bonds issuers. “Universities are among the longest living institutions in the world,” said a managing director from Moody’s. “The top universities can be expected to be around 100 years from now, whereas many corporations and forms of government may not be.”

2. Do you agree that universities will…

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