White Children In Poverty

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The question has often been asked why is it that children raised in poverty are more likely to be depressed. There are many different answers to this question but what is the main problem. Could it be lack of money, health care or could it be the fact that single mothers have to work and don’t have time to teach their children certain things. Yes daycare is a choice but who can afford it living in poverty. Government could help but the daycares in the area are more than likely low budget and don’t really teach much. I has been proven that Hispanic and black children are much more likely to live in poor families than are white and Asian children. In 2014, 12 percent of white children and 14 percent of Asian children were …show more content…
What is poverty? Some people may know what poverty is but they really don’t understand the full meaning of the world. So, it’s hard for people to understand certain things if they are not familiar with it. The word poverty provokes strong emotions and many questions. In the United States, the official poverty thresholds are set by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). Persons with income less than that deemed sufficient to purchase basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing, and other essentials—are designated as poor. In reality, the cost of living varies dramatically based on geography; for example, people classified as poor in San Francisco might not feel as poor if they lived in Clay County, Kentucky. I define poverty as a chronic and debilitating condition that results from multiple adverse synergistic risk factors and affects the mind, body, and soul. However you define it, poverty is complex; it does not mean the same thing for all people. For the purposes of this book, we can identify six types of poverty: situational, generational, absolute, relative, urban, and rural. (Jensen) There are many different types of poverty. You have Situational poverty which is generally caused by a sudden crisis or loss and is often temporary. You also have Generational poverty it occurs in families where at least two generations have been born into poverty. Another one is Absolute poverty, which is rare in the United States it involves a scarcity of such necessities as shelter, running water, and food. Next you have Relative poverty which refers to the economic status of a family whose income is insufficient to meet its society 's average standard of living. Then you have urban poverty which occurs in metropolitan areas with populations of at least 50,000 people. Lastly you have rural poverty which occurs in nonmetropolitan areas with populations below 50,000. Poverty is not the same in all areas. It all depends on where you

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