Why Are Bees Important To Humans

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Many people are afraid off bees and because of that not many people care about saving them and their habitats even though they are very essential to humans. In the article Helping the bee and its habitat before the food chain gets stung Juliet Elperin talks about how bees are very important to the environment, but how they’re in danger. She shows how th bees are in danger and the causes of them being in danger eve though they’re very important to humans, but through the help of humans how them and their habitat is being saved. First, bees are very important to humans, the government, and other animals and insects. They are very essential to the government by pollinating crops so companies do not have to do it. Pollinating is very expensive, Elperin found how much it would cost …show more content…
A way that bees are being helped by humans is through Obama’s Plan. Obama’s Plan is placing a beehive placed on the grounds of the White House. The plan has two goals, “To reduce honeybee colony loss during winter and increase the population of the monarch butterfly.” stated Elperin. By following Obama’s Plan, honeybees would be able to thrive in the wilderness more easily and increase population of monarch butterflies which is beneficial to the pollination process. A second way that humans are helping bees is through seed distribution to Americans. According to Elperin “… the W. Atlee Burpee & Company has donated more than 1 million see packets to the plan” The government plans to distribute these seed packets, they hope that they will attract bees and butterflies to increase their populations. These packets are called “a butterfly and bee garden”, they want to make that known because some people are afraid of bees and these seeds will attract bees. In the end, although humans are the ones tearing down the bees habitat there are also humans trying to protect and save

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