Why Animals Should Not Be Used For Medical Research Essay

802 Words Feb 6th, 2016 4 Pages
Ever since I was little I have always been interested in the study of biology. I used to watch various cartoons that often included a mad scientist that would experiment on various creatures in the laboratory to enhance the creature’s physical abilities and create a mutant race to assist in their plot to destroy the world. For this reason I often hated the idea of animals being used in laboratories when I was little, but as I grew up and gained exposure to the real world, I realized things in the laboratory were not so bad and animal research offers many benefits. Findings from studies have influenced many advancements in the medical field which lead to cures being found for many diseases. I have even experimented on some animals such as dissecting them in biology class and analyzing movements of various small insects due to different factors. I have grown to appreciate the positive findings that come from medical testing, however I still heard stories about animals being abused in laboratory settings and this has left me wondering if animals should or should not be used in medical research. Now, as a biology major on a pre-med track in college, I have the opportunity research this controversial topic before I continue my career as a pre-med student. The first source that I found on this topic is a news article is about a group of chimps that were used for research by scientists who neglected them and treated them cruelly. The writer of this article advocates for animal…

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