Essay on Why Animal Testing Should Be Banned

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Why Animal Testing Should Be Banned

In recent decades, the highly developed society makes things different and makes people different. The developments of biomedicine make people healthier and lives longer. On the one hand, we thank for the effort of scientists have made. On the other hand, we should think deeply what we lose for these achievements we have had.

Biomedical is an important program for people, but for most achievements in biomedical development is related to animal experimentation, so animal experiments laid the important position in the whole development of biomedical, however, In recent years due to the rise of the animal protection movement, to protect animal rights calls is getting more and more, the animal experiment faces a series of ethical challenges relative to animal.

Everything seems to develop in the way people want. However, everything has its cost. In general, we spend time, but we get salary, knowledge or entertainment. Same as medical development, it spends time, money, efforts of developers, but it get the things that people really need. In general, people judge things? worth by its cost, if the reward higher than it cost, then it could be a right thing to do. If it is not, people will reconsider it. Perhaps different people have different ?Libra? in their mind to measure things? cost and return. However, it is undoubted for everyone, besides cost and return we have something else to think about. Sympathy, since we are human, we are…

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