Why Animal Research Isn 't Morally Right Essay

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Animal research is something that has been going on for many decades. This is how we have come up with many of our modern-day medicines. Does this morally justify the use of a hundred animal subjects in order to yield statistically relevant data? In my point of view nothing justifies hurting a living being. In this paper, I will be explaining why I believe animal research isn’t morally right, with the help of Philosopher Peter Singer’s viewpoints. I will also present a counter-argument with what Carl Cohen’s point of views are on this topic. I will then reply to Cohen’s argument explaining why and how it fails. Each day there are experiments being done on animals of all kinds in laboratories across the U.S. These poor animals are taken out of their natural habitats, so that they can be tortured and tormented all for the mere satisfaction of human beings which is not right. Philosopher Peter Singer, argued that animals’ interests must be given equal consideration to comparable human interests.(pg.251) We have rights as humans, shouldn’t animals have the right to not be used as a tool or object? In Singer 's article Animals Are All Equal he uses a lot of different examples about how women gained rights and how African Americans gained rights, but animals are yet to be seen as being able to have their own. Animals –like humans- are living beings meaning that they feel the way we feel; they just can’t express it like we can. Scientists use animals like mice and rats because…

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