Why Americans Hate The Media Essay

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It has generally been a popular opinion to dislike and contest the information provided by the media. In this essay I will describe the main points illustrated in James Fallows’ “Why Americans Hate the Media,” analyze the differences between what the public desires to know from our elected officials when speaking with them directly and what the media will focus on with their questions for our leaders. Lastly I will compare and contrast the theme of Fallows’ article with a segment from the MSNBC news station. It has come to my attention, and I am hoping America’s attention, that the media does not cover hard hitting pieces of news anymore. Fallows said himself, “None of the questions from these news professionals [Jennings, Rather, Brokaw] concerned the impact of legislation or politics on people’s lives (Fallows).” The majority of news segments seen today are fluff pieces. Fallows said in his essay, “The discussion shows that are supposed to enhance public understanding may actually reduce it, by hammering home the message that issues don’t matter except as items for politicians to fight over. Some politicians in Washington may indeed view all issues as mere tools to use against their opponents. But far from offsetting this view of public life, the national press often encourages it (Fallows).” This confirms my suspicions of the media today.
Just the other day, a tag for Twitter had plenty of attention from the media about how a Broadway musical, “Hamilton” had the…

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