Why Americans Are Becoming More Obese Essay

1497 Words Oct 22nd, 2014 null Page
Why Americans are becoming more obese Have you ever just sat down and looked around you at the people n the grocery store or at a restaurant? Those who have seen the gap between now and then have noticed a huge difference between the sizes of the American people. In 2014 more than one-third of the American people are obese. Why is this happening and how can we as citizens stop it from spiraling out of control? Many Americans now aren’t very active. One of the many reasons is because Americans spend hours in front of the computer of TV. Doing homework, to relax, or work. Americans now are spending more time sitting down watching TV or being on their phones than they are interacting with people. People have become so attached to technology they don’t realize it’s jeopardizing their future and their health. I’ll admit that many times I have choose sitting down and watching the next episode of American Horror Story over going and working out, and I always regret it because I am not able to burn off the calories from the food and drink intake I had the day before. People are eating out at fast food “restaurants” and getting a double size at McDonalds and going home and sitting in font of the TV or computer and letting all that FAT sit in their bodies unable to be burned off. Other reasons why we aren’t getting enough exercise is we are relying on cars and buses to take us places rather that walking or biking, or less physical demands at…

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