Essay on Why America Is Viewed As The Birth Place Of Prosperity

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Girls Just want to have Fun. Having opportunity is a vital characteristic to life it is what gives society hope for a better tomorrow, this is the major reason why America is viewed as the birth place of prosperity. “The American dream” is a wide spread term to describe the ability to achieve anything through hard work and dedication. Although many people connect this notion towards gaining vast amount of wealth, the idea of the American dream has morphed into an “idea of America being a melting pot where everybody can live peacefully together” (What Is the American Dream?). Dissecting this idea further it means regardless of a person’s gender, race, cultural background, and sexual orientation, people of the United States have the ability to be a first class citizen. There is a major flaw in this dream the public does not necessarily follow the American dream word for word. Gender is still a huge issue in the United states with women making lower wages than men and plagued by standards that are given by society. Feminist Author Kate Chopin and non fiction writer Annie Dillard share the similar views, that women should be able to live a limitless life, satisfying their appetite for independence. Individuality conquers in society, Dillard and Chopin believe that women no longer feel that society dictates their life therefore achieving the American dream, having the opportunity to pursue ambitions.
Kate Chopin is an American feminist author who was a influential icon in the…

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