Why Do Aliens Exist

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The notion of extraterrestrials has been a big concept around the world. Most people believe that Area 51 is a military base where scientist carry out experiments on aliens, fake the moon landing, and many other conspiracies. After overlooking the wonders and conspiracies of both aliens and Area 51, articles show that there has not been any real evidence to prove that aliens exist.
Many people believe that aliens exist or that they have visited earth and are being tested.
In 2011, an article on Dailymail explained how people were baffled when they saw an X-47B unmanned aircraft which was mistaken for a U.F.O. Kammi Rood, a local shop owner exclaimed, “There was this funny sphere that went through on this big trailer and my first thought was, ‘That looks like a UFO’” (“Close”). The quote conveys how people start to develop conspiracies such as the ones of aliens. Likewise, many began to make false assumptions of the X-47B. Donetta Godsey from the Winfield Daily Courier received many of those false assumptions from local citizens. Godsey added that many citizens called saying, “Oh they think they found a flying saucer. It looks like a flying saucer to us and we don’t know for sure what it is” (“Close”). This quote shows that even though people do not know what they encounter, they will do whatever it takes to receive attention. However, many people knew that the “spaceship” was no spaceship, but a military drone. Don Read, a local Kansas sheriff along with the rest of the deputies knew that a military drone was being transported. Read said,
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This mystery is important because it shows that aliens do not exist and allows readers to understand the importance of national security as often times the military hides information in order to keep our country safe. After reading these articles one can conclude that the conspiracies of aliens will one day come to an end because they do not

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