Why Africa Is Poor Essay

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In “Africa Unchained,” it talks about how Africa can evolve if they make changes to their environment. In addition, it talks about how Africans haven 't been prosperous in the 21st century, which is why the author states to the audience about how Africa’s economic freedom was taken away from them, because of people trying to make money out of it. After reading chapter 1 “Why Africa is Poor,” I got really into it and it made me wonder why there are behind in urbanism and in technology of growth in their in environment. In the reading it state, “Economic conditions in Africa have deteriorated alarmingly, which should not have been the case given the continent’s immense development potential and untapped mineral wealth” (2). Africa is filled with great resources that haven’t been tapped into yet, but how people make use of the land is what makes the place look like trash to other people. In the reading, it talked about how Africa has difference sources of untapped mineral wealth. Even thought the perspective of Africa may not look that satisfying to be in, it has money making minerals like “tantalite, vanadium, palladium, uranium, and chromium” (2). These are money making minerals which make African look great beneath it cloak of hideousness. Upon its cloak, Africa has a “bulk of the worlds gold, cobalt, diamonds, and manganese” (2). African can have its amazing minerals, but yet it can still be poor as well.

In addition, to the reading, the book illustrates about how…

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