Why Action For Improvement Should Start With Children With Disabilities

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Why Action for Improvement should start with Children with disabilities

Limitation of quality education access is a growing concern in Tanzania, as I have indicated is a growing problem specifically for the marginalized children. While a few minority children enjoy quality education, the majority children do not have the same opportunity. The main issue for the limitation t is poverty. Although the number of schools has increased, yet, not all children have access to quality education in Tanzania. Poverty prevents them from making a noble choice of schools they would like to attend. The problem is more rigid for the marginalized children than how it would be for other groups of children. In addition, research participants in my study went further explaining deeply that although poor children have a limitation for education, their limitation cannot be compared to that of children with disability. Their physical disability itself is already a hurdle for their learning process. I would say that the overwhelming concern and experience of particpants regarding children with disabilities compelled me my plan for action and improvement to focus on children with disabilities already in the care of our diocese. Although they attend school, they still face limitation’s in schools they attend chapter two of my study under Research Findings provides a solid narrations of the lived experience on the topic of the marginalized children and overwhelmingly on children with…

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