Why Abortion Should Be Illegal Essay

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What thoughts comes to mind when you hear the word “abortion”? The words “Pro-Life”, and “Pro Choice” are commonly used in this sort of debate. Since abortion was made legal many people have been against it and believe every fetus has a right to live. Abortion is an ongoing controversy between moral and immoral decisions. The political debates are limited through the legal documents of the rights to abortion. There is a debate regarding abortion regulations and at what point the fetus has a right to say they deserve life too. Some pro-life people believe abortion should be illegal after twenty weeks of attachment. Others believe abortion should be illegal starting from the day of conception.
The earliest known idea of abortion comes from the Ebers Papyrus in 1550 BCE. The Ebers Papyrus concluded that abortion can occur with the use of a plant- fiber tampon filled with honey and crushed dates, which then was inserted into the woman. In the United States abortion was practiced until about 1880, then became illegal in all states unless it was life threatening to the mothers during the pregnancy. While abortion was illegal in the 1880’s, women were allowed to obtain abortions depending on their economic situation, race, and where she lived. Rich women were allowed to leave the country to allow a Doctor to perform the procedure for a high price, while poor women were unable to afford it. Poor women and women of color would go as far as inserting knitting needles or coat hangers…

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